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Life happens…

Well sweeties, we tried. We planned the pre-order, and did all the things. We have an epic cover design by the wonderful Becca Whitaker (www.patreon.com/BeccaWhitaker). We have the narrator for the audio book lined up. We had all the things! Where did it all go sideways? Well, back at the end of May, Lady Fate… Continue reading Life happens…

Cover Art Arguments

Being part of a writing pair is fun, amazing, and … aggravating. When we are on the same page, we’re cooking with gas. When we’re not on the same page, well, we’re melting marshmallows in the campfire… Never fear though, sweeties, our bestie Wolf brought over graham crackers and Hershey bars so we have made… Continue reading Cover Art Arguments

We are LIVE on Audible!!!

Well, sweeties, it has taken us about 9 months to deliver this audiobook. (Yes, that is the first thing we thought of when calculating how long it took to process the audiobook.) We’ve included the links below… For our U.S. readers: Audible US site For our UK readers: Audible UK site About Book 2 and… Continue reading We are LIVE on Audible!!!

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