Introduce Yourself Max.

Meet Maxine St Clair, one of the heroines of our series, Magic is Real.

Max: 40 Surprisingly Defining Questions to ask your characters. Oh hell no. I am NOT. [calls Seph from work] Seph! Zonia Lin is wanting me to answer some damn questionaire!

Seph: At least you got a list of questions, they cold-called me and expected my life story.

Max: Well, I’m not about to answer 40 questions. They get 5. Maybe. Which ones should we answer?

Seph: ‘We’? What we?

Max: Would you just listen. Ok, the first one, “What is your darkest childhood memory?” Oh hell no, they’re not getting that one. At least not before the first book has been released.

Seph: Look. Just email it to me. If it’s up to you, we’ll be here all night and you have to work.

  1. What bad habit are you struggling to over come?
    S: Well, that’s easy. She doesn’t clean up after herself in the bathroom.
    M: Isn’t this supposed to be my questionnaire?
    S: You sent it to me. I’m going to answer the questions. Shush.
  2. Why does your journey matter to you personally?
    M: You can skip that one too. These women want the answers before they even write the story. SMH
  3. What does a perfect world look like to you?
    S: Awe! Let me answer that one.
    M: Just shush. I’ve got this. A perfect world is Persephone Blake.
    S: I’m not the world!
    M: You’re my world. This is my questionnaire. Next. Question. Please.
  4. What smell or scent reminds you of your childhood home?
    M: Thunderstorms.

  5. M: Wait. Seph? No answer to that? No question?
    S: Why would we need to expound on that? Thunderstorms are epic and there’s nothing quite like the scent of rain, wind, and ozone after a lightning strike.
    M: And that, my love, is why you’re my world. Now, I’ve got to get back to work. I think we’ve done enough marketing for Zonia Lin.
    S: SEE! That’s what I told them!

And that, dear readers, is Maxine St Clair… and Persephone Blake. You don’t often see one without the other. Below is the link to the full list of 40 Questions Max refused to answer.

Join us on May 1 2020 when we deep dive into her life.