Introduce Yourself Seph.

Meet Persephone Blake, one of the heroines of our series, Magic is Real.

Seph: I really don’t know where to start. I wasn’t expecting to have to talk to such a large group of people without any sort of introduction. I really wish, y’all would have given me some warning before expecting me to just jump right into this.

ZL: Um, Seph, if you’re not comfortable speaking with us, we could always wait for Max to do her introduction before we finish yours. She’s going to be featured in a post as well.

Seph: Really? How’d you get her to agree to that? She HATES talking about herself. Please tell me you’re not asking her to actually write this up?

ZL: Well, we did send her an email questionnaire…

Seph: Oh great. Well, I know what I’ll be doing later tonight. Thank you.

ZL: You’re welcome? Could we go back to your introduction?

Seph: Why would I want to introduce myself when they’ll learn all about me when they read Connecting Rooms?

ZL: We were hoping to introduce our readers to you and Max before they dive into the entire world we’re building.

Seph: Oh, so you want me to do all your marketing for you? You know what, fine. You want to know about me? Here it is: I’m an almost 40, overworked designer who is trying to deal with my girlfriend’s boyfriend not understanding that he’s not going to be able to get me to leave. I’m also in the middle of helping my friend Sully deal with her ex. That guy is so slippery I can’t even remember his name! So there. That’s me. Now, if you’re done having me do your work for you, I’m late for breakfast with George and Max.

And that, dear readers, is Persephone Blake. A bit anxiety prone, overreacts to practically everything, and always has a question. Join us on May 1 2020 when we deep dive into her life.