We’re Live on Instagram!

And we’ve created the Instagram page, and it is done, so we did do that.

There are so many pieces to this author journey than just writing the book! Did you know that? There I am, sitting happy we finished the book. Then Lin, who is our marketing genius, says “But wait. We need a web page, a blog, Facebook presence, GoodReads Author page, and,” well, the list was extensive trust me. (She also shared with me during that conversation that I’ll be handling the web page and the blog posts. She’s so sweet.)

Today, she says “Marketing Day! The Instagram page is live. Go add the Instagram URL to the Home page. And add it to the blog. Thanks luv.”

But what will we post on Instagram that isn’t on any of the other areas? Well, Instagram is all about the visuals so that’s what we’ll be sharing there primarily: the real world visuals that inspire us beginning with the models or actors who are our inspiration for the Magic is Real characters. (These images come from both Instagram and Pinterest. Where and when we can, we’ll also add the original post links so you can also enjoy the visuals from those posters. And please, no one tell Lin about Pinterest boards or I’ll also have a ZoniLinOfficial Pinterest bookmark.)

Hope you are all staying safe and well. This world is crazy right now. Hopefully you can take this Sunday (or whenever you read this post) and curl up with a book to practice a bit of escapism. xOxO ~Zonia.