Uncomfortable Conversations

It started while we were doing laundry this week. One of our readers got in touch regarding how Connecting Rooms is making her feel uncomfortable. I can’t go into detail into what exactly made her uncomfortable, dear readers, as it falls under Spoilers.

A couple of our First Readers (during the pre-publishing phase) also mentioned they were uncomfortable about something Seph said and Dominic did. We thought we’d showed that from Seph’s perspective, Dominic wasn’t… Gah! Sorry! Spoilers.

Well, anyway, we discussed options for how we can address the very valid concerns of our readers? We checked self-publishing sites, authors we read, we even asked Google. What we found was an amazing page called “Content Guidance”. The author, Jennifer Hallock, has a page of the same name where she explains all the disclaimers of her novels. We were inspired!

Please feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Let’s have those uncomfortable conversations so we can learn more about ourselves and each other. (As Max reminds Seph constantly: Condition 1.)