What’s a “noise floor”?

Where did July go!? Sorry, sweeties, it’s been a while since we spoke…there’s a perfectly good reason why…

Where to begin?

  • Real Life kicked into high gear, your intrepid writing pair has been working their collective rear off at our 9to5s.
  • We got a Publicist, y’all! Oh yeah. We’ve been working on marketing plans, keyword searches, and we have a shiny new book description!
  • Last but not least though, we have uploaded all 40 individual tracks of the Audio Book and it is right now being processed by ACX.com. We will know sometime between now and 30 days hence if those 40 tracks past muster and can be sold by Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. That’s right, y’all, we’re going to be on Audible and iTunes! holy wow!

Anyway, sorry for being so quiet. Hope everyone is well and safe during this time of COVID and crazy politics. We’re typing away on Book 2 and the first anthology. We’re on track for our current deadlines.

Until next time, sweeties.