Writing during a Pandemic

One of the things we discuss frequently is how much real world do we want to put into our stories? I’ve always written best when I write what I know; while Lin (as the world builder) has no problem dropping into a figurative ocean and swimming her way back. (Side Note: if that ever happened to her, she’d probably still be out there as she’s not a fan of swimming. Although, she LOVES water.)

We decided not to write COVID-19 into Book 2. But with 2020 winding on as it is, and with this virus having as much of an impact as it is, how can we not incorporate it?

After many, many conversations about Seph freaking about masks and Max most likely designing her own and then distributing them to the Other community, what we decided to do is write “from the other side.” The Magic crew is going to be living in a world that is thriving in the New Normal. Masks are an accepted thing, vaccines have been created and are in use, and the world has settled down… well, at least from a pandemic point of view. Magical things are still afoot in Chicago. 

Now, why would we bring this up, hmm? Well, we’re making the best of this Pandemic Life and were featured in a “Work-from-Home Update” newsletter at Zonia’s 9to5. (Welcome to all our new readers, BTW!) 

Our publicity campaign went live this week as well! You can find us…

Welcome to August … and we’re still waiting to hear if the noise floor was low enough…. now, onward to Book 2 and The Sins.