In the Flesh…

Well. Not entirely. We’re finally ready to unveil a collab with Marcus The Visual. It’s A-MAZING if we do say so ourselves.


poster image for Connecting Rooms

This first scene finds the ladies in the Greenhouse.

Marcus did a fantastic job bringing the ladies to life!

A poster will be available for purchase when we find a distributor (…and figure out how to add a Shop to the website.)

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase Book 1, the links for ebook & print are posted below. These are specific to the US. (if the site doesn’t redirect for you, you should be able to search your home country’s Amazon for Zonia Lin. Sorry, sweeties, tech works until it doesn’t, ya know?)

For eBook readers: Amazon.com Kindle
For Paperback lovers: Amazon.com Paperback

Psst…this is the first scene? Might that mean we’re working on a few more? Hmm… Shhh….Spoilers.