Are there only 31 days in October?

No. Seriously. March, April, May…I mean all of them seemed to last a gajillion years but we get to September and it’s gone in a blink?

Back in April, Lin had the brilliant idea we should use the Stay-at-Home order to go back to school. She mapped it out. Put the financial plan in order. And we’re back.

Yay, right?

Well….. kinda. Home work and Work work is severely cutting into drafting time and Max is not the easiest woman to write. Getting her story out of her, is like getting Lin to admit that full time student does not work well with full time job.

What does this mean for Zonia Lin? We’re tired! and Max’s story is probably arriving with the turkey.

We do have some new artwork to share! Bonus! The Amazing Becca Whitaker has drawn a scene from Book 1. Spoilers, sweeties.

Never fear, Max’s story WILL be delivered before the end of 2020. She wouldn’t allow anything less. Hope you are all staying well and are gearing up for Halloween! It’s Lin’s second favorite holiday (the first being her birthday…which is also in October BTW)

xOx, ZL