Cover Art Arguments

Being part of a writing pair is fun, amazing, and … aggravating. When we are on the same page, we’re cooking with gas. When we’re not on the same page, well, we’re melting marshmallows in the campfire…

Never fear though, sweeties, our bestie Wolf brought over graham crackers and Hershey bars so we have made S’mores!

Ok, now that we all have our snacks, let’s catch up.

Lin has taken Summer off from school so she can focus on rolling out some amazing things for you all. The first of which is new cover art for Connecting Rooms. Then, there’s going to be a giveaway for our TicTok followers. We’ll be announcing a new release date for Like Calls to Like. And, she’s working on a fourth suprirse, but… that’ll have to wait for the next post (spoiler – Kindle Vella looks interesting).

Zonia is halfway through her M.Ed. O.M.G!!!! All while working and writing. Can you believe it!? She is a real wonder woman.

As we’re sure you all can relate, the pandemic has led to some readjusting for us. Balancing work, writing, and school has become a bit overwhelming. A year and a few months in, though, we think we have it down now.

Now, we just need to figure out social media. LOL

Ok, Zonia is yelling at her laptop again… I think I need to go save it from her wrath. (Psst: did you know that when you change the cover of your ebook, the paperback does not update automatically? Yeah. We didn’t either! Oh, and if you change the title you have to UNPUBLISH the original paperback and create a whole new edition? Yeah. Now you know why I need to go save the laptop….)

The second edition is live on Amazon now…go check out the girls and the amazing illustration by @beccawhitakersbombshells