Life happens…

Well sweeties, we tried. We planned the pre-order, and did all the things. We have an epic cover design by the wonderful Becca Whitaker (www.patreon.com/BeccaWhitaker). We have the narrator for the audio book lined up. We had all the things!

Where did it all go sideways? Well, back at the end of May, Lady Fate said, “Here are two pre-teens, my lovelies, who need you. Will you open your house, hearts, and lives to them?” Of course, we said, “Yes!”

You read that correctly, sweeties, Zonia Lin are now auntie-mom’s. And, we couldn’t be happier. But, we also couldn’t be busier because we’re still in school too (Zonia has completed 58% of her master’s program, BTW). The last two months have been jam-packed with trips to IKEA for furniture, Wal-Mart for clothes and shoes, and then back to IKEA for more furniture. We honestly couldn’t tell you if it was morning or night half the time.

We are so close to the finish line of Book 2, we can touch it. But, we just couldn’t cross that line to meet the pre-order deadline. We have learned from this experience, so we won’t be promising pre-orders for a while. We also won’t be promising to have Book 2 done on a specific date (but we are still going to try for this week!).

xOx, ZL