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Still Alive!

Hello Sweeties! Remember us? Well, we barely remember us! Did we mention that Lin had the briliant idea for us to go back to school during the summer? We didn’t? She did. Now that Zonia just finished her second term, we are both able to think of something other than term papers and MLA vs… Continue reading Still Alive!

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We’re celebrating Lin’s Birthday!

Hello sweeties! 2020 has been rough! But we’re determined to not let it keep us down! To celebrate Lin’s upcoming birthday, we’re running a Count Down Deal for our US and UK Amazon listings (the limitation is Amazon’s choice/decree, not ours, sweeties). The deal is running today through 16 October. (ending 12PM GMT in the… Continue reading We’re celebrating Lin’s Birthday!

A Rose by any other name

(SN: we’re not fans of Romeo & Juliet. But The Bard is so eminently quotable….) Recently, we were told that our book wasn’t really “romance.” We were rather surprised by this. Because, well, we consider Magic is Real to be very much a Romance. The person kindly clarified that our story may have romantic elements,… Continue reading A Rose by any other name

In the Flesh…

Well. Not entirely. We’re finally ready to unveil a collab with Marcus The Visual. It’s A-MAZING if we do say so ourselves. Ready? This first scene finds the ladies in the Greenhouse. Marcus did a fantastic job bringing the ladies to life! A poster will be available for purchase when we find a distributor (…and… Continue reading In the Flesh…

Right Time to Start Reading!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy Magic is Real, now’s the time. It’s free for the next 3 days! Tell a friend and join us as we follow Seph and Max around Chicago and learn about life, love, and magic!

Happy Hamilton Day!

The Contest Winners have been selected and will be notified when the prizes are fully available. Remember, one of the prizes is an autographed copy of Book 1…we’re still working on the other shinies though. Stay tuned!

Uncomfortable Conversations

It started while we were doing laundry this week. One of our readers got in touch regarding how Connecting Rooms is making her feel uncomfortable. I can’t go into detail into what exactly made her uncomfortable, dear readers, as it falls under Spoilers. A couple of our First Readers (during the pre-publishing phase) also mentioned… Continue reading Uncomfortable Conversations


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