Condition 2

In this series, you’ll read about Condition 2. Quite a bit about it actually. As the series develops, this page will grow but for now, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what we mean when we say, “Magic is Real.”

Character Sketches

Sneak peak of who’ll you meet

We scoured the internet looking for faces to fit the people speaking to them during this story. Here’s a brief glimpse of a few faces.

Research materials

Quick Glimpse of our Library

While no where near the full set of books we are using, here’s a pic of a the books we have on hand.

Additional Reading

The Authors who Inspire us

This isn’t the full list of who inspire us. But, these are a few of the books we read curled up on our couch.


Where do you find your images?

For anyone wondering where our book cover art and/or website images come from, you should check out

We attribute each image we find and use in the image’s caption.

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