Content Guidance


Why use our Site?

We thought about adding this to the front pages of the book or the Sales page on Amazon, but as another author noted on her site, Amazon Kindle books tend to auto-start the reader at the full text and the Sales page text turns into keywords that influences search results.


Sexual Content

High. The scenes we write are graphic. They are explicit. They also contain the uncomfortable conversations that we should be having with our partners. Full Stop.

Fiction meet Reality

As we put in our Copyright notice, Magic is Real, is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people or places is purely coincidental. If you notice a similarity to a real person or place, be flattered.

We’ve also taken some of our favorite myths, and some lesser known myths and/or legends, and breathed new life into them. Where we can, we’ve added X-Ray links in the eBook version so you can do some side reading if you’re interested. We’re also planning on adding a section to the site with some good places to read about the old gods and an orisha or two. (But they’ll be joining us in a few books…)

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